Autonomous agricultural robots  driving system for plantations

Drive for robots without short implantation


What is R-WAVE Autonomous?


R-WAVE Autonomous is a system that provides a super fast solution to develop agro robots for plantations.

Availability of R-WAVE Autonomous eliminates long term Research & Development for supporting autonomous operations of caterpillars robots on different types of plantations. 

R-WAVE Autonomous structure




Base station


R-WAVE Autonomous in action


More R-WAVE Autonomous  applications in action


How R-WAVE Autonomous works?

R-WAVE Autonomous drives autonomous robot along the plantation lines and provides the change of a row without any participation of an operator. 

R-WAVE Autonomous is very efficient for operation on plantations, as it is demonstrated by the success of the Slopehelper autonomous agricultural system.


R-WAVE Autonomous main advantages

  • Adapts to different types of plantations

R-WAVE Autonomous operates relying on an adoptive algorithm and drives based on real data thatare collected from the surrounding area. So for  R-WAVE Autonomous  seasonal variation of plantation geometry (like branches, some ropes etc.) are not influence on operation.


  • Operates based on geometrical model

R-WAVE Autonomous DOES NOT drive relying on GNSS map. It creates its own map that is based on the data from the touch sensor, radars and the mapped geometrical model.


  • Does not require absolute coordinates map or absolute position of RTK station

For operation of R-WAVE Autonomous, there is no need of absolute GNSS coordinates. The operation is based on the geometrical model that includes the main parameters and the geometrical model of the plantation. That is why for R-WAVE Autonomous it is not necessary to keep the position of the RTK station, and the geometrical model of the plantation is taken once per the life time of the plantation.


  • Operates with different geometrical types of plantations

R-WAVE Autonomous  can operate with any kind of the plantation geometry (rectangular, trapezoidal, circumferential, etc.).


  • Operates both in orchard and vineyard plantations

The system does not use lidar or other technologies related with necessity to observe the top of the trees. That is why it can operate both in vineyards and orchards.


  • Cost efficient

Based on low cost components, it does not use expensive satellite RTK systems or other non cost effective solutions.


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