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At PeK Automotive, we develop a wide range of low voltage autonomous electric vehicles, as well as technology and applications, to use in farming and rescuing. Purely electrical autonomous vehicles can save time and human resources. To prove this concept, we launched production of our headliner, the autonomous electric agricultural system Slopehelper. With zero emission, highly-intelligent radar system and an independent differential GNSS, the Slopehelper presents an innovative and unique approach to the contemporary idea of sustainable horticulture

Pek Auto

Vision and Mission

Our company strives to change the life of people who do the hardest jobs in the world, who farm and rescue. We bring technology of the new era of autonomous vehicles that facilitates the life of these people and makes it safer, so that these people have more time for creation, business and leisure.

At the same time, we do not consider our technology as an instrument of competitive advantage. We see our mission in bringing this technology to the market as a product, so that other market players could take advantage of its use.

PeK Automotive produces innovative electric vehicles known for their innovative design, environmentally friendly features, cost-effectiveness, with safe structure and durability.
PeK Auto

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