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About us

At PeK Automotive, we specialize in developing a wide range of low-voltage autonomous electric vehicles, along with advanced technologies and applications for use in agriculture, rescue operations, and defense. Our purely electric and hybrid autonomous vehicles are designed to save time and human resources while significantly reducing mission readiness time. This concept is exemplified by our flagship products, the Slopehelper and Agilehelper autonomous electric agricultural systems. Featuring zero emissions, highly intelligent radar systems, and no need for GNSS navigation, our agrosystems offer an innovative and unique approach to creating truly autonomous solutions.

Company mission

Our company is dedicated to transforming the lives of those who perform the world’s toughest jobs—farmers, rescuers, and those who risk their lives daily. We introduce new-era autonomous vehicle technology that simplifies and safeguards their work.

Moreover, we do not view our technology as a tool for competitive advantage. Our mission is to bring this technology to the market as a product, allowing other market participants to benefit from its use.

Company vision

Pek Automotive produces innovative electric vehicles known for their innovative design
environmentally friendly features, cost-effectiveness, with safe structure and durability.



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